Architecture - Masters

Climatic Research Institute

The CSIRO Climatic Research Institute is a place of experience, understanding and education that works with the Birdwing Biological Field Station to provide the town of Kenilworth with a permanent facility to conduct research into the forest and climatic futures. As climate change continues to inflict severe impacts upon the Australian landscape, the need for permanent research facilities becomes urgent. The CRI is a place to conduct this research whilst learning from the traditional owners of the land, the Gubbi Gubbi people, and providing a place of education for future generations of scientists, researchers and the Kenilworth community.



The climatic research institute


Raya Sargeant

Raya has a strong desire to better understand the profound relationship between architecture and the human experience. Having completed a Bachelor of Design (Architectural Studies) in 2019 and a Master of Architecture in 2021, Raya’s passion for empathetic architecture allows her designs to reflect the complex reality of society and its relationship to the natural environment.