Architecture - Masters

& Fernhill Multi-generational Community

Welcome to Caboolture’s new heart of aged care ----& (And) Fernhill Multigenerational community. Supporting the local Caboolture community for over 70 years, the new Fernhill community is now welcoming multigeneration residents. The new mixed-use community will include a main 4 level building of independent living apartments, student apartments, that are combined with other facilities like Newman Garden markets, wellness hub, Multigenerational learning centre. It is located in front of the existing Bolton Clark RAC building and SLU building, acting as the frontage of the community. The new development aims to activate the fern hill community and welcome residents from different age groups and the public to visit.

& design concept

The project is named ‘&’ mainly because the shape of my building is like an &(Ampersand) symbol. Furthermore, because there are so many combinations, collisions, collaborations, connections going on in the & Fernhill Multi-generational Community.
• Young & old (Student apartments & ILU apartments)
• History & new development
• Unity & diversity
• Courtyard & roof garden
• Square & markets
• Living, education & entertainment
• Sustainable & universal design

The main mixed-use residential building has 2 wings. The ILU units are in the east wing, Student apartments are in the west. The space in between those 2 is a multigenerational communal space with mainly educational functions like the library and collaborative studios.

9 sustainable principles and integrated design strategies are considered in the design process to maximize the residents’ wellbeing.







Tibby Tian

Tibby is a highly motivated student currently studying for a Master of Architecture. She has rational and methodical thinking skills that place emphasis on logic and objective information in the design. She believes that respecting the context and being person-centred is the starting point of all architectural design and aims to translate the local identity into architectural language with utility, aesthetics, and delight.