Architecture - Honours

Hall of Democracy – Design Proposal

The “Hall of Democracy” creates an environment that reintroduces the origins of self-belief, peoples voice, respect for all cultures, individual differences, and equality. The building’s function and spaces focus on embracing educational platforms, collaborative spaces and exhibition galleries that help to equalise the hierarchy between government bodies and the community. The building brings everyone to a central transparent and harmonised ground for opportunity and voice that supports the community, and encourages the open collaboration between leaders and the people. In return, creating an environment that strives for a stronger democracy system that values the true meaning of support and human rights

initial design development

proposed floor plans

The Ground Floor initiates the gathering of all staff and visitors, offering numerous seating and gathering points for people to interact and meet. The central spiral ramp that circles a digital gallery and grand water feature forms an experience that embraces equality and symbolises a wholeness that brings diverse individuals together

The First Floor brings private and public collaborative spaces to life, encouraging government bodies, staff members and the community to unite and express ides, evoke voice and educate. There is a variety of free seating, collaborative spaces with open benches and booths, class rooms, meeting rooms, computer / tech rooms and workshop spaces for everyone to access. Staff have an additional workspace private to the public that is deliberately positioned to take staff through the open collaborative space before reaching the office spaces. The conscious passageway embraces the core concept of the building that strives for connectivity, equality and creating spaces with transparency

Lastly, the Second Floor acts as a space for ultimate voice and creative expression. Across the level there are various exhibition spaces open to the community to display works of art and form, an auditorium centres the floor acting as a core of decision making and compels full transparency for the community to engage with. Entertainment spaces also extend from internal spaces out to an external green rooftop bar to celebrate connectivity and enable various events to take place at the Hall of Democracy

elevations and sections

sectional perspective

buildings renders

External renders

internal renders

Bethany Kelly

Bethany is an innovative design thinker who likes to push the boundary’s of structural form and encourages the integration of stronger spatial and human connections. Alongside her Architectural Studies, Bethany has completed a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, and has a multidisciplinary history working in the engineering, construction, and design industry. In her spare time Bethany runs her own art business creating abstract artworks that play with layering, light and colour