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Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre

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The Sunshine Coast is growing at a rate that is hard to imagine & with this growth comes the need for new development. Furthermore, with Brisbane winning its bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics the Sunshine Coast must now look at not just the next 20 and 30 years but rather the next 10. With the Olympics just over a decade away the Sunshine Coast has had to look at upgrading and taking on new developments for sports and recreation facilities to cater for this worldwide event. One of these being the Sunshine Coasts new Indoor Sports Centre which will be used for the basketball preliminaries.

Whilst it is easy to focus on the single event (the Olympics), what is most important about this proposal is beyond it, these sporting facilities need to continue to function well after the Olympics are over.

The aim of the proposed Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre is to create a space for the community rather than a space solely for the Olympics. The design is about maintaining the character of the Sunshine Coast through the use of raw materials and the emphasis on shaded open spaces, letting breezes & sunlight into & through spaces. The design is about hiding the unavoidable scale of the project & creating a sense of lightness where it’s about the user & nature around them & not about the grandeur of the building behind you. The precinct isn’t about creating clear cut boundaries but rather about allowing users to move freely through & around its spaces.

The design is more than just a sports hall, it can be used as a thoroughfare, as a place of work, a place to relax or a place to eat & shop. The scheme looks beyond the Olympics just like it looks beyond just being a sports hall.

Structural Model photos

using a space frame & timber batten screens

Project Deliverables

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David de Roquefeuil

Interested in domestic scale architecture, David has worked for Tim Bennetton Architects for close to four years (2018 - current) where he focuses on residential architecture. David enjoys the detail & client interaction that is possible in a small practice & solving complex issues with simple ideas.