Architecture - Honours

The Brisbane C.O.R.E.

The Brisbane Centre of Resources and Engagement – C.O.R.E. is symbolic of intercultural democracy, developed by Eloise Vasta and Ysabel Usabal. CORE is an architectural catalyst that aims to decentralize Eurocentric forms of dominance in governance that disadvantages those that come from differing backgrounds.


Democracy has been built under the pretence of free-institutions and free elections, yet it fails to serve the interest of the people. It sits behind a veil of capitalism and forces of colonialism that focuses on rational individualism. Thus, democracy in modern Australia should adopt an intercultural approach that is inclusive and accessible to all backgrounds. CORE places the interest of the people through spaces that encourage engagement and participation in forums, decision-making or simply be included in the conversation. The striking glow of the democratic hall that sits in the middle of power-driven institutions serves as a reminder for its neighbours that democracy should serve the people.

CORE dismantles any form of hierarchy through its form and spatial arrangement that informalize previously inaccessible political spaces from the public.

William St entry visualisation - showcasing the glass walkways on levels 1 and 2 and the Interactive Dome through the horizon

Polychromatic Glass Panel System

Though simple in appearance, the Polychromatic Glass Panel Patents (PGPS) offers sustainable alternative to traditional Luxfer Prisms through its upcycled qualities and renewable energy functions. The panels are made from crop waste combined with luminescent resin that filters out UV radiation. It is encased in an aluminum shell to accommodate PV strips that produce solar energy without the need for direct sunlight. Light refracts and bends as it passes through the undulating glass panels, projecting waves of polychromatic light on surfaces. The panel is modular and is applied to roof, wall, and floor systems throughout the Brisbane CORE.

PGPS Applications




1:200 model

Ysabel Usabal

Ysabel aims to address placemaking and creating sustainable communities, socially and environmentally, through her designs. Ysabel believes that architecture has a significant role in bringing people together, improving the well-being of individuals, and initiating conversations and social action. Ysabel has worked on projects focused on education and early learning facilities with skill sets in Visualisation, BIM and Documentation. She aims to pursue her Masters in Architecture in 2022 while integrating her interest in academic research.