Architecture - Bachelors

The Cove

The Cove is a wellbeing centre for people and their pets. Wellbeing is defined as 'what is good' and 'quality of life'. Therefore, The Cove, meaning coastal inlet, takes the connotation of wellbeing and provides a future activated mixed - use, mid - rise building.

The concept is heavily influenced by the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang. This is about complimentary practices and a balance of opposing sides, positive and negative elements to create one whole and interrelation between different parts. This concept heavily influenced the building to be one whole that is made up of opposing spaces, materials and functions that come together.

The Entry

Laura Maciejewski

Laura is a very passionate designer and creative. Her favourite areas of designing include client interaction, putting together presentations but mostly learning about how different people can use different spaces. Laura has a particular interest in the area of residential architecture and designing with disabilities.