Architecture - Honours


Democracy is usually defined as; people elected by the people, for the people, but within Pandemic times Democracy within Australia has changed. Australia has become more reliant on the Leadership from their Representatives, their ideas, corporation, continuity, and comradery across all Political divides. If you ask me what Democracy should be defined as, the simple answer is Unity. Although, Democracy within Australia has become divided and fractured, the States and Commonwealth are constantly contradicting one another, losing the presence of unity.


This space has been designed to allow Politicians to discuss topics of interest specific to the Australian Government, the glass-fabric wraps over the space, creating a connection to the Public and the Government, figuratively creating a sense of unity.


Allowing members of the public to sit in on TEDTALKS, the contrast between materials, natural lighting, and core use of glazing creates a direct connection between indoor and outdoor spaces


Without a doubt the Pandemic has shaped and impacted our World forever, this space will exhibit art installations based on the Pandemic. ‘Museum of the Pandemic’ will become a monument for Brisbane and will be a representation of the Pandemic, for future generations to engage with.


Designed on a ramp system, mimicking the ‘rising’ knowledge gained as you proceed through the space. The learning outcomes from this space will be primarily based on Democracy and how the Pandemic has become fractured within Australia.


The landscape is one of polychrome illumination, which has charming effects, produced in the evening as twilight deepens. The landscape creates a direct connection to the mansions and works as a passageway between George Street and Margaret Street, with an abundance of vegetation, seating, water features, and creative use of lighting.
1:200 Physical Model

Joel Shane King

Joel King, Fourth-Year Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Architectural Studies) and Construction Management student, with a strong passion for Ecological and Sustainable Architectural Design. Currently, working for McKerrell Architects, Joel has found a career that comprises of his love for Art, Design, and Creative freedom within Architecture.