Architecture - Masters

“TREE +” Institutional Anchor

Trees have always played a very important role in a forest. It provides shelter and a living environment for most of the species in the tropical forests. The Lab take the ideas inspired by the tree's canopy, with aim of providing habitat and ecosystem data for depth research to protect native forest habitat.

Scope of Project

A hybrid infrastructure that supports and creates a dialogue between researchers, community, Indigenous custodians, industry, education and tourism,, which works together with the field station developed in Project 1. In an aim to support research into transitioning of the rainforest site / economy / ecosystem / non-human processes that operate around and rely on the Imbil State Forest and plantations.


For research spaces = 2100m2

Laboratories(Large size) x6 = 600m2 (100m2/each)
Laboratories(Medium size) x5 = 250m2 (50m2/each)
Specialist equipment rooms x3= 150m2 (50m2/each)
Individual workstations / x 5 = 100m2 (20m2/each)
Shared working spaces = 300m2
Meeting / gathering spaces x 5 = 500m2 (100m2/each)
Storage and collection spaces x2 = 100m2 (50m2/each)
Staff relaxation spaces and toilet facilities =100m2

For Gubbi Gubbi community = 600m2

Indigenous rangers’ station = 200m2
Cultural research and revitalization = 200m2
Cross-cultural exchange = 200m2

For Knowledge exchange = 1100m2

Exhibition spaces = 300m2
Artist studios (for artists in residence) x3= 150m2 (50m2/each)
Lecture theatre = 150m2
Space for group gatherings and events = 50m2
Smaller spaces each for community group usex2 = 100m2 (50m2/each)
Facilities for preparation of food and beverage to cater events =200 m2
Covered outdoor space for activities = 100m2
Equipment Storage room = 50m2

For Tourists / guests = 700m2

10 accommodation units (providing for a mixture of individuals, couples and families) x10 = 500m2 (50m2/each)
Common space with lounge, dining room / food preparation area =200m2

For Non-human clients = 300m2

Soft paving area
Green area

For Building servicing = 200m2

Washing facilities

Estimated Total of GFA: 5000m2

Introduction of Imbil State Forest



dESIGN OF the field station

Hong Yuen Ho

An international student from Hong Kong. A person who loved architectural design, photography and multimedia creation. Hope to extend my knowledge which learning from architecture school to other aspects in life.